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ELK Asia Pacific Journals

Call for Papers

Globally indexed Open-Access Refereed Journals


ELK Asia Pacific Journals are the first Indian Open-Access Journals to have a CrossRef membership (Membership ID: 10.16962), which enables us to provide a unique and persistent DOI (Digital Object Identifier) for every article. All our internationally listed journals have ISSN and are Google Scholar indexed.

Articles can be sent through Online Submission Form or through email at or

Every submission is undergone a quick Double-blind Peer review process which takes up to 12-14 days. Authors may be requested to revise their scripts as per the comments of the editorial board members.

Submitting authors will benefit in the following ways:

  • Publish Open-Access: Articles published with us are fully accessible for readers with no fee restrictions. This enables wider readability of research material and thereby increased citation of the same.
  • Google Scholar Indexing: Every article is indexed at Google Scholar. You may see one of our indexed journals for your reference.
  • Digital Object Identifier (DOI): Unique and persistent DOI is assigned to every article which continues to link to the correct resource even if the URL changes overtime or the specific location of the content moves. The registered articles for DOI are also indexed at CrossRef metadata search. (For instance, click here)
  • Listing in Global Directories: International Recognition at Cabell’s Directory, Index Copernicus International and ROAD Directory of Open Access Scholarly Resources.

Print on-demand option can also be opted for a complete issue. All articles are published under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC-BY 4.0) License. With this, the copyright remains with the author and shall not be transferred to the journal publishers.

Authors are invited to submit their Research Articles, Review Papers, Case Studies, Empirical Analysis and Industry Reports.

The complete list of our publications is as follows:

  • ELK Asia Pacific Journal of Finance and Risk Management
  • ELK Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Retail Management
  • ELK Asia Pacific Journal of Computer Science and Information Systems
  • ELK Asia Pacific Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering
  • ELK Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour
  • ELK Asia Pacific Journal of Leadership and Innovation Management
  • ELK Asia Pacific Journal of Mechanical Engineering Research
  • ELK Asia Pacific Journal of Applied Thermal Engineering
  • ELK Asia Pacific Journal of Civil Engineering and Structural Development
  • ELK Asia Pacific Journal of Electronics and Communication Management
  • ELK Asia Pacific Journal of Library Management and Information Technology
  • ELK Asia Pacific Journal of Social Sciences
  • ELK Asia Pacific Journal of Project Management and Control

For more details on manuscript preparation and submission, email at  or