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ELK's International Journal of Library and Information Science (EAPJLMIT)
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ELK's International Journal of Library and Information Science
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ELK's International Journal of Library and Information Science (EAPJLMIT)

2 Volumes, 3 Issues, 9 Articles available from 2014 to 2017.

ELK Asia Pacific Journal of Library Management and Information Technology

Our International Journal of Library and Information Science is focused to publish articles of interest to library managers, academicians and corporate institutions. With the aim to reflect the latest research undertaken in the emerging field of library and information studies, this bi-annual journal of library management and information technology encourages publication of research papers, survey reports and reviews in and around the concerned domain. Before we publish any article, we indulge in extensive double-blind peer reviewing to ensure high quality and originality.

Various renowned universities and institutes subscribe to our Indian journal of library and information science for their research candidates and faculty members. This international journal of library administration is a complete resource for future studies in this domain. If you too wish to subscribe this international journal of library and information science, submit your details through the Journal Subscription page.

The free and unrestricted online access, offered in this international journal of library administration, allows the authors to spread their ideas and opinions to broad masses, in order to supplement the development functions in the area of library management and information technology. The Editor of the journal can be contacted through email at: editor.eapjlmit@elkjournals.com. 

We endeavour to bring out recent developments and contemporary thoughts in the field with this international journal of library administration. Contributions that explore theoretical and practical implications are invited for the latest issue on topics related, but not limited to the following:

  • Innovations in Library Management
  • Studies on Traditional Services
  • Improvising user experience with introduction of new services
  • Exploration of the future of library and information technology
  • Evaluation of the role of Staff
  • Developing and managing processes
  • Library Finance
  • Data Protection and Copyright
  • Database Management
  • Knowledge Management and Systems
  • Information Security in Organisations


Editorial Board Members of ELK's International Journal of Marketing

Editorial Board
Dr. Dinesh Kumar Kaushik Assistant Librarian Ph. D (Awarded 2006) M.L.I.S: B.L.I.S: B.A. ( Hons ): View Public Profile
Dr Mayank Trivedi PhD View Public Profile
Dr. Dr. Rupak Chakravarty Assistant Professor &n Chairperson, Department of Library & Information Science Panjab UniversityPhD, Master of Library & Information Science (MLibISc. )(Gold Medalist), Bachelor of Library & Information Science (BLib.ISc.), BSc. (Hons) (Mathematics) View Public Profile
Mehtab Alam Ansari Associate ProfessorPh.D View Public Profile