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Tips to Write for a High-Quality Journal

What seems like common sense isn’t common practice”, says Rowena Murray (An expert journal writer). Of course, one may deviate from the flow of writing, although being very intellect and content in writing journal. Thus, by following some expert and fast track tips you can maintain your productivity and write a high quality journal-

  • Prepare a layout – Why do you want to write a journal? What are you planning to write for it? Whether it will be an academic or research base writing? How much time you will need to finish your write-up? All these questions are mandatory to be planned out before you start writing for the journal. Therefore, think and plan before you write.
  • Read thoroughly before you write – Read journals akin to your interest and topic chosen for your journal. Reading will add on ideas and knowledge in your summon to write. Scan these journals with a zooming standpoint of your curiosity and underline the vital ones.
  • Just write – When you have a well framed plan and you have gone through enough journals of your aligned topic, then what’s more to be done? It’s time to mold your thoughts and knowledge into words and structure the write-ups for journals.
  • Do not stretch for long – “Slow and steady wins the game”….yes it’s true. Therefore, take short breaks in between writing, but write in a flow once you sit with your pen so that yours may not get distracted from your point. You should avoid writing in a long stretch because it may make your sense monotonous.
  • Take expert advice – As an examinee cannot be a good examiner similarly you being a writer cannot find your own mistakes, therefore taking an expert advice in this sense is always beneficial for your write-up.

Thus, aforesaid tips help in writing for a high quality journal.