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Where to Publish Your Scientific Articles

In the recent years, there has been a lot of discussion regarding the choice of publication.

And I’m sure, if you are a research candidate and all set for publication, these questions would be eating your head continuously

Which journal should I go with?
Should it be peer-reviewed?
Should it be paid?
Should it be discipline specific?
Should it be open-access?

Well! Everything comes up with a never ending list of pros and cons. And deciding, where to publish your research is a troublesome task.

After conducting experiments, writing and successfully editing your article, you would be wondering…

What Next??

Oh! Obviously, now, you are going to submit your research paper for publication.

But Where??

All through this process, it is important to take time to finalize where do you want to publish your research manuscript and which platform is the best for you to reflect your work to the academic experts.

Research Journals??

Research or academic journals are your ultimate destination in that case. The purpose of academic journals is to serve as a forum to introduce and scrutinize new research and critique of existing research. Academic or research journals present articles relating to a specific academic discipline or methodology.

To amplify your chances of impact and strongly convey your message to the academic experts, it is important to pick the right academic journal.

Here are few things to consider for your publication that will help you in deciding the right journal:

1. The Impact of Impact Factor:

Will the impact factor of the research journal have an effect on your career?


The impact factor of an academic journal is a measure of the frequency with which the average article in a journal has been cited in a particular year.

Some of the Universities want their research candidates to publish their articles in high impact factor journal because in some professional and academic circles, the more publications you have in a high impact factor journal, the better your chance of promotion.

2. Target Your Target Reader:

There are thousands of journals that have their monthly and quarterly publication schedule. Some of the journals are discipline specific in nature while others are general but highly noteworthy.

But the real questions are now up to you:

Do you want your article to publish in a research journal that will engage those in your research domain to increase chances of gaining new collaboration, recognition and may be new funding?


Do the readers you want to reach tend to reference particular journals?

Ask these two questions to yourself before proceeding with publication.

3. Journal’s Quality & Standard:

The content quality of a Journal is a critical issue. Quality content refers to both visual as well as language aspect of a journal.

When reviewing any journal for visual quality, check for the sharpness of images and text format. Language aspect includes correct grammar and ease of reading.

The other important factor that affects the quality of a journal is the timely publication. Your research work includes new trends in your specific domain, and you want people to read and get to know this ASAP. So, the schedule of publication also matters.

4. Publication Cost:

Where will you publish your research may also depend on the cost of publishing.

Many journals do charge on a per-page basis and even have added fees for color images such as graphs, photos, etc.

Before proceeding for publication, ask yourself; Can you afford to publish in the particular journal of your interest?

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