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5 Must-Haves for a Great Manuscript

Do you want a publication house to publish your manuscript or at least consider it for publishing? Well, know the 5 must-haves for a great manuscript and you can incorporate it in your manuscript to enhance its change of being published.

A Great First Paragraph

Do you know that the first paragraph of your manuscript sets the pace for the rest of it? If you start with a great first paragraph, you can succeed in turning your manuscript to something people will desire to read. If the first paragraph is not written correctly, the reviewers or critics will get bored and will place a rejection notice nag to your manuscript. So, ensure to start your manuscript with a killer first paragraph and intrigue your readers.

Right Punctuations

As writers, we often take things from granted. But if you want to ensure that the publication house and the editor take interest in your manuscript, place the right punctuations wherever required. Editors will easily differentiate between an intentional and unintentional punctuation choice. So, make sure to recheck the punctuations and be aware of the purposes of a dash, semi-colon, colon, period and coma.

Interesting Plot

If you have written a novel or a fictional story, the plot needs to be interesting. Always remember that there are millions of novels and books available in the market. Additionally, the publishing houses which you wish to contact receive hundreds of manuscripts on a weekly basis. So, if you want to gain their interest and want them interested in publishing your manuscript, you need to ensure that the plot is unique and intriguing. Even if you have chosen a cliché topic for your novel or story, make it interesting and unique with new storyline, captivating characters etc.

Good Formatting

Do you know that large numbers of manuscripts are rejected just because they are not formatted well? You will surely not want to make the same mistake with your manuscript. For this reason, it is advisable to know beforehand the ways to format your manuscript, including right spacing, margins, document style, font style etc.

Great Ending

Just as the beginning of a manuscript is important, in the similar way the ending is also crucial. You will not want your readers to be reading your novel with great interest all the way to feel disappointed or frustrated with the ending. So, ensure a great ending and get applauses from your readers!