Insights into Popular Types of Articles Published in Scientific & Academic Journals

Journals today, publish different publish different types of academic and scientific articles. The categories used to label the article are numerous and confusing. Familiarising yourself with the types of articles published, can help you determine if your article is publishable (in a specific journal) or not.

In this blog post, let’s have a look at the types of articles published by the scientific and academic journals. 

Original article – All most all journals publish original articles. The original article provides a detailed description about the approaches used to perform the original research, the findings obtained through those methods, and the implications of the key results. Typically, the design of the original article is analytical and includes defined research question (s), hypothesis, and discussion as to how the result approved or disapproved the hypothesis. Original articles is the most appropriate form of articles to publish in the journals. However, the length, editorial style and structure of the article vary according to the journals. For instance, the scientific article should include an introduction, methodology, results and discussion section. 

Theoretical article – The  application of the theories in real world situations or events is the main reason for publishing theoretical articles.Theoretical article introduces and discusses abstract principles and ideas in an established or novel manner. The abstract is made specific to body of knowledge with main focus on ideas that are formulated to explain and predict a phenomenon. Theoretical articles are peer reviewed and do not report empirical study.  Although the primary goal of this type of article is to predict the phenomenon, the purpose of the article may according to the study. The vocabulary, augmentation and language used in theoretical article must be of high-quality to get it published in journals. 

Review article – Literature reviews, often known as review articles is one among the articles published by the journals. Review articles take a wider perspective on the published sources or narrow area of specialisation. Many a time, review articles goes beyond than the year’s publication. However, the major focus of the article tends to be the same, i.e., evaluation of aspects in the field of study. Crucial themes, debates, theories, gaps and trends in the current study will be highlighted and discussed in such type of articles. Longer review articles include every source relevant to the topic published, whereas shorter articles focused more on publication of specific value.  

Description of research methodology – Although all the description of research methods is described in the methodology section of the original article, research methodology can still be the major focus of some journals. Here, the methodology section discussed must be significant and differ from that of the original article. Some journals also publish briefly explained technical innovations or modification of a technique or equipment. The structure of the research methodology will remain the same but the methods must be tested, discussed and proved to be of potential value to the study area. This type of article will be peer reviewed by the experts before the publication. 

Study observation & reports – Articles based on observational research are published using various names such as case studies/case reports (event, individual, phenomenon or place is under investigation) and other articles subjected to field notes, anthropology, scientific descriptions and historical survey. Observational type of articles must be descriptive in nature, test hypothesis, predict basis of observation and forms of analysis. The case study must be used as foundation for wider generalisation and should provide a scope for informed actions and predictions.  

Notes or letters – Such articles are the brief reports of data from the original articles. The journals publish notes or letters to encourage readers to conduct further research on the topic. Such articles are time sensitive and have strict length restrictions. The topic of this type of article lies within the scope of the academic and scientific journal and are commonly called as micro-articles, research reports, technical notes, and conference announcements.

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