The Cutting – Throat Competition of Journal Indexes

Indexation of a journal is a reflection of its quality. Indexed journals are measured higher in quality as compared to non-indexed journals, thus forming the basis of competition in journal indexing. And it is not spared from the debate.

Many popular indexation services have developed over the years. But credibility and ranking of each is a topic of discussion amongst the author community.

It has become a matter of concern as to how to decide which indexation service is most acceptable and valid globally. Also, what are the parameters for comparing the quality of papers/research published in a journal indexed by different indexation services.

The reason indexing has become an important parameter and thus a matter of contest is because academic institutions are emphasizing a lot on the importance of indexed publication, thus raising a contest among authors also for selecting the right kind of indexed journal for publishing their research.

Publishers and journals are found bragging about the number of indexing services that cover their journals. And this contention is because publishers want to attract more author fees by pretending to be the most sought after publication by way of number of indexing services that cover them.

This has lead to a lot of confusion amongst the author community as selection of a high quality journal has become a difficult decision. Absence of correct guidelines on this topic is another reason for this confusion. As a result, many publications are claiming that their journals are indexed in “X” number of indexing services, which in fact are not indexing services. Either projecting a false claim or they are ignorant about journal indexing.

Moreover, with so many indexation services in the market, there are questions and doubts which warrant a discussion. There are questions which need to be answered, like which indexation service is most relevant and universally acceptable. Associations of editors and other organization from the same fraternity can play a pivotal role in clearing these doubts.

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