4th International HR Conference Building Organizations of tomorrow: Leadership Challenges of Human Capital in a Digital workplace
3rd-4th February, 2017


The conference is aimed to cover the following sub-themes:

Digital Change
  • HR Analytics and HR Business partner-ship
  • Big data analytics for managing change
  • HR Technology and insight for leader-ship effectiveness
  • Attracting talent for digital workplace
  • Gamification in HRM
  • Effect of social media on change
  • Role of Technology in communication
Disruptive Change
  • Leadership agility and managing uncer-tainty
  • Visioning and uncertain times
  • Innovation at workplace
  • Creativity and organizational flexibility
  • Family run business and disruptive change
  • Role of training, coaching and mentor-ing in managing uncertainty
  • Return on marketing/ marketing metrics
  • Career and succession planning in un-predictable times Employee resistance to change and organizational ‘sense of urgency’ to manage change
  • Reinforcing change through rewards and recognition
  • Rethinking performance management
  • Drivers of innovation
  • Knowledge management and learning organization
  • Change agents of tomorrow: Modera-tors / mediators of change
  • Challenges of managing shared services
  • Communication challenges in cross cul-tural setting


Dispersed Change
  • Leadership for onshore and offshore business: challenges and opportunities
  • Cross cultural challenges of managing teams
  • Challenges of virtual and networked or-ganizations
  • Mergers, acquisition and restructuring
  • Role of collective leadership and manag-ing change
  • Creation of decent workplace
  • Employee ‘buy in’ and commitment for change
  • Counseling and mitigating change
  • Role of health, wellness, well-being, work life balance & Positive Psychology in managing change
  • Spirituality and change management


Demographic Change
  • Role of Leadership in capability develop-ment
  • Competency of millennials
  • Culture, empowerment, engagement and millennials
  • Emotional quotient and management of disruption


Registrations open now! BOOK YOUR SPOT 10 january,2017
Key Benefits
  • Expand your knowledge base about the subject
  • Paper presentation would enhance your communication skills
  • Widening of academic network by meeting professionals with shared research interest
  • Access to innovative research ideas and concepts
  • Interaction with scholarly peers and exchange of views and opinions
  • Dissemination of your research through international journal publication
  • Governing board of University
  • Executive council members & policymakers
  • Corporate personalities and entrepreneurial directors
  • Department heads and academicians
  • Professors and lecturers
  • Research scholars and students
  • Governing board of University
  • Executive council members & policymakers
  • Corporate personalities and entrepreneurial directors
  • Professors and lecturers
  • Professors and lecturers
  • Research scholars and students
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