National Seminar on Make in India: Problems and Prospects
28th-29th May 2015, Hyderabad, India


Today we have achieved a milestone by completing 67 years of independence. It’s now the time for every Indian to undergo self-introspection of the achievements we have already made and also those that are to be still achieved.

The sustainability challenge will occupy India and the world for decades, not just for years. All countries face the challenge of adapting to ongoing climate change, managing growing water scarcity, protecting endangered ecosystems and species etc. As one of the world’s most populated country, India faces this challenge more urgently than others.

The conference is aimed to cover the following sub-themes:

Indian Development Govt. Policies and New Regulation Indian Financial Reforms
  • Foreign environment and industrial policies
  • Social and cultural norms for industries
  • LPG in India
  • GDP / Stock market / Interest rates
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Tourism Development
  • Role of ISRO in India Economy.
  • Rural development
  • R & D transfer for new venture creation
  • Impact of globalization through MII
  • Black money
  • Role of world bank / IMF / WTO / RBI
  • New industrial policies–Telangana (TS- i Pass)
  • Disaster Management – Govt. policies
  • Indian Intellectual property rights
  • Logistics Management
  • Education Reforms
  • Entrepreneurship / Innovation and regional development
  • Venture Capital
  • Role of banks in promoting entrepreneurship
  • Economic factors for industries
  • Facilitation of women / young entrepreneurs
  • FDI and new venture creation
HRM Development Marketing Growth Digitalization of India
  • FDI - HRM
  • HR Policies in India
  • Labour welfare reforms in India
  • Recruitment system
  • Influence of cross culture
  • Development of employability skills
  • Labour efficiency in India
  • FDI in marketing
  • Retail marketing
  • Rural marketing
  • E- Marketing
  • Exports / Imports
  • Agri - Business
  • Global marketing
  • Green marketing
  • UIICI (Aadhar card)
  • Universal bank account in India
  • IT policies in various states
  • Role of digital media / Social media
  • Role of digital consumer
  • Challenges & Opportunities of digitalization in India
  • Online Banking / Mobile Banking
  • Debit card / Credit card
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Key Benefits
  • Expand your knowledge base about the subject
  • Paper presentation would enhance your communication skills
  • Widening of academic network by meeting professionals with shared research interest
  • Access to innovative research ideas and concepts
  • Interaction with scholarly peers and exchange of views and opinions
  • Dissemination of your research through international journal publication
  • Governing board of University
  • Executive council members & policymakers
  • Corporate personalities and entrepreneurial directors
  • Department heads and academicians
  • Professors and lecturers
  • Research scholars and students
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