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  1. Seyed Feraydune Kashefi
  2. PhD. of Electrical and Communication Engineering
  3. PhD. of Electrical and Communication Engineering
  4. Electronics and electrical engineering
  5. Imam Reza International University
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M.S. (2011) candidate in Civil Engineering University of Texas at Arlington.  Ph. D. (2011) candidate in Bioengineering University of Texas at Arlington.  Ph. D. (1999) in Electrical Engineering, from University of Texas at Dallas.  M.S. (1990) in Physicsfrom University of Texas at Dallas  M.S. (1974) in Mathematics from University of Tehran  B.Sc. (1972) in Mathematics from University of Tehran EXPERTISE:  Silicon processing  Device physics  IR spectroscopy  Micro controller RF  Opticalstudy of biological tissue non-invasive  Medical applications and imaging of near-infrared (NIR) techniques  Nanotechnology and Nanobiotechnology  Telecom system and network engineer  Broadband network design and architecture  Digital Signal Processing (DSP)  Network management and security  Mainframe, data center and database  Knowledge of Civil Engineering methods and design  Project/program management  Analysis, summarization and reporting of technical data

Work Background

Khavaran Higher-education Institute, Assistant Professor, 2009–Present  Taught Electrical Circuit I, II, Communication Circuit, Communication Technology, Industrial Controllers and technical writing courses,supervised undergraduate students. Imamreza International University, Assistant Professor, 2010–2011  Faculty member of Bioelectric Engineering department.  Taught electromagnetics, engineering economy, computerlanguage, and technical writing courses,supervised graduate and undergraduate students. University of Texas at Arlington, Research Associate and Adjunct Professor, 2003–Present  Adjunct Professor for Mechanic Statics and Dynamicsin department of Mechanic and Aerospace Engineering  Adjunct Professor for Physics in department of Physics  Adjunct Professor for Math coursesin department of Mathematics.  Worked on Toll Pricing Model for Managed Lanes system for Texas DOT project.  Built wirelesssensorto monitor brain blood dynamics.  Conducted several researches in NIR Imaging for biomedical engineering.  Set up a laboratory for educating students in biotechnology and lab principles.  Set up a laboratory forstudying electronic transition between quantum sub-bandsin Silicon inversion and accumulation layers.  Studies of optical and electronic properties and defects in MBE low-temperature grown GaAs (LT-GaAs) using IR spectroscopy, Photocurrent measurements and PL spectroscopy.  Taught junior and senior courses,supervised graduate students, and gave a series of lectures on Telemedicine and Biotechnology. Richland College Richardson, Mountain view College Dallas, North Lake College Irving, and Tarrant County College, Fort Worth, TX, Part Time Teacher, 2001–2005  Taught Introduction to Experimental Techniques, Digital System, Math, Physics, Fundamentals of Networking, (Network +), Basic router configuration, and Personal Computer Hrdware (A+ Certification) courses. Nortel Networks, Senior Member of Scientific Staff, Wireless e-Mobility, 1999 –2001  Designed and engineered system and architecture wireless HLR authentication system.  Supervised and led the development and implementation of the wirelesssatellite network system. 3  Identified, developed and implemented standardized, industry recognized Project Management disciplines and supporting information and tools.  Established and operated an Information Systems outsource vendor management system and participated in the re-negotiation of a multi-million dollar outsource agreement. ALCATEL USA INC., Plano, Texas, Senior System Engineer, 1996–1999  Led the team developing System Control Point (SCP)server initial product offering supplementary servicesincluding call forwarding, call hold, call waiting, call barring, etc. forthe IN/IVR networking components.  Coordinated multi-site service development interactions with the Advanced Intelligent Network (AIN) and SSP based Interactive Voice Response (IVR) development team, setup X.25 network forswitching and SMS database server interfaces.  Designed and established the technical infrastructure and security policies for call fraud detection and 800 call subscribers.  Project leader for upgrade and release of several new switching products and Y2K compliance forthe customersin Europe, Japan and Australia. SABRE Decision Technologies, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas, Sr. Systems Analyst, 1992–1996  Conducted software and operations research on reservation systems, quota management and forecasting models.  Set up database, client server applications system and yield management products  Managed government bids and proposals for $5–20M programs Arco Oil and Gas, Dallas, Texas, Sr. Systems Analyst, 1988–1992  Set up multiplatform network and data communication system.  Designed and implemented file and data transfer soft ware system. University of Texas Southwest Medical School, Dallas, Texas, Systems Analyst, 1984–1988  Set up isotope tracking system.  Designed and implemented database and computer programs for academic applications

Research Contributions

 R.Aminzadeh, F.Kashefi, "Energy-efficient cooperative communication in clustered wireless sensor networks", 13th International coference on Information Fusion 2010, Edinburgh  R.Aminzadeh, F.Kashefi, "Hydraulic Pressure Distribution for Pipeline Networks By Wireless Sensors Network", IEEE Sensors 2010, Hawaii, USA.  C. Rostamzadeh, F.G. Canavero, F. Kashefi, Noise Mitigation Analysis of a Pi-Filter for an Automotive Control Module, 2010 IEEE Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility, Fort Lauderdale, Florida (USA), July 25-30, 2010  Participated in, “THE 2008 NSF-CBMS CONFERENCE ON INVERSE SCATTERING FOR RADAR IMAGING”, May 27-May 31, 2008, Arlington, Texas, USA.  Administrator of review system, “Vehicle Power and Propulsion Conference (VPPC)”, IEEE, September 9-12, 2007, Arlington, Texas, USA.  Feraydune Kashefi, Donald E. Watenpaugh, Hanli Liu, “Obstructive sleep apnea screening by NIRS imaging”, SPIE, March 23, 2007, Vol. 6424  Geometry of Post’s correspondence problem, co-author M. Ghandehari, Proceedings of Golf Southwest ASEE conference at University of Texas Pan American 2007  F. Kashefi, “Partial Differential Equation of a Three Dimensional Convex Body”, 29th Annual Texas Partial Differential Equations Conference, March 25-26, 2006.  Oral presentation in annual meeting of ACES, University of Texas at Arlington, March 2006.  F. Kashefi, M. Ghandehari, An application of parallel-axis theorem to geometric inequalities. Joint Mathematics Meetings, San Antonio, Texas, 2006. Meeting #1014  F. Kashefi, M. Ghandehari, Parallel Systems are More Reliable, INFORMS, San Francisco, California, 2005. 5  F. Kashefi, Geometric problemsin engineering mechanics, Technical Report #352, Department of Mathematics , University of Texas at Arlington, November 2005, coauthor M. Ghandehari.  F. Kashefi, "Rapidly Training Device for Fiber Optic Neural Network", UTD Electrical Engineering Department, 1998.