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  1. Md. Mohsan Khudri
  2. Assistant Professor & Coordinator, BBA Program
  3. M.S. (Thesis),University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
  4. Statistics
  5. Uttara University, Bangladesh
  6. [email protected]
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Md. Mohsan Khudri has received B.S and M.S (Thesis) in Applied Statistics from the University of Dhaka. Currently he is working as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Business Administration of Uttara University, Bangladesh. He is performing the responsibility as BBA Program Coordinator in the same as well. He also worked as an adjunct faculty member in the School of Business Studies of Southeast University, Bangladesh. He has already published several research articles in international peer reviewed journals and proceedings. Apart from academic and administrative tasks, he also carries out some other scholarly activities. As part of that, he is working as an Associate Editor of Biometrics & Biostatistics International Journal published by MedCrave Group (USA). He is also working as an editorial board member of ELK Asia Pacific Journals of Social Sciences (India). In addition, he works as a reviewer of International Journal of Business and Social Research (USA) and Climate published by MDPI (Switzerland). Furthermore, he has been keeping himself involved in consultancy and software training oriented tasks. He believes in continuous amelioration and appropriating the good mannerisms of others. Besides, he takes interest in gathering knowledge about the modern development in Statistics and familiarizing those ideas and applications of Statistics by means of enthusiastic and dynamic teaching.
Work Background

1. Assistant Professor & Coordinator, BBA Program, Uttara University, Bangladesh (January 2012 – Present).

2. Adjunct Faculty, School of Business Studies, Southeast University, Bangladesh (September 2012 to April 2013)

3. Director & Consultant, Integrated Research & Consulting Ltd., Bangladesh (July 2013-Present).

4. Associate Editor, Biometrics and Biostatistics International Journal, MedCrave, Edmond, Oklahoma, USA (February, 2015-Present).

5. Editorial Board Member, ELK Asia Pacific Journals, New Delhi, India (January, 2015-Present)

6. Reviewer, Climate, MDPI, Basel, Switzerland (January, 2014-Present).

Research Contributions


  • Khudri MM, Sultana S, (2015) “Determinants of Service Quality and Impact of Service Quality and Consumers Characteristics on Channel Selection”, British Food Journal, Emerald, Vol. 117 Issue 8, DOI 10.1108/BFJ-12-2014-0431
  • Dey R, Khudri MM, (2015) “Assessment of Key Dimensions and Determinants of Women’s Empowerment in Bangladesh”, Russian Journal of Agricultural and Socio-Economic Sciences, Vol.37 Issue1
  • Mortuza MR, Selmi S, Khudri MM, Ankur AK, Rahman MM, (2014) “Evaluation of Temporal and Spatial Trends in Relative Humidity and Dew point Temperature in Bangladesh”, Arabian Journal of Geosciences, Springer, Vol.7, Issue 12, doi:1007/s12517-013-1139-3
  • Khudri MM, Sadia F, (2013) “Determination of the Best Fit Probability Distribution for Annual Extreme Precipitation in Bangladesh”, European Journal of Scientific Research, Euro Journals, Vol.103, Issue 3
  • Khudri MM, Chowdhury F, (2013) “Evaluation of Socio-economic Status of Households and Identifying Key Determinants of Poverty in Bangladesh”, European Journal of Social Sciences, Euro Journals, Vol.37, Issue 3
  • Khudri MM, Paul DNR, (2013) “AN APPLICATION OF FACTOR ANALYSIS ON BANK WISE INTEREST RATE STRUCTURE IN BANGLADESH”, Journal of Science and Technology, Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University, 11
  • Khudri MM, Ahsan A, (2012) “Impact of Food Marketing on Fostering Brand Building and Influencing Food Products Buying Behaviour in Bangladesh” proceedings of Fourth GBMF International Conference, GHSIMR, Kanpur, India, Dec 16-17
  • Khudri MM, Asaduzzaman M, “A Markov renewal model for forecasting earthquakes in Bangladesh region” (Under review)
  • Khudri MM, Bagmar MSH, “Tracking Changes in Child Malnutrition Status Over the Past Decade in Bangladesh” (Under review)
  • Noman SMS, Khudri MM, “ The Effects of Monetary and Fiscal Policies on Economic Growth in Bangladesh” (Under review)
  • Khudri MM, Bagmar MSH, “Characterization of Spatio-Temporal Trend & Time Series Modeling of Temperature Extremes for Environmental Decision Making in Bangladesh” (Under preparation)
  • Khudri MM, Mortuza MR, Redwan A, “Quantifying Trends in Heat index over Bangladesh” (Under preparation)
  • Mortuza MR, Khudri MM, Redwan A, “Stochastic Characterization of Dry Spell During Monsoon in Bangladesh” (Under preparation)
  • Khudri MM, Sadia F, “Multidimensional Measurement of Poverty in Bangladesh: A Multiple Correspondence Analysis Approach” (Under preparation)
  • Bagmar MSH, Khudri MM, “Mechanisms for Identifying Spatial-Temporal Patterns and Forecasting of Precipitation of Bangladesh” (Under preparation)
  • Mortuza MR, Khudri MM, “Bivariate Copula Modeling for Risk Assessment of Droughts in Bangladesh ” (Under preparation)
  • Khudri MM, Bagmar MSH, “Modeling the Impact of Housing Environment on   Poverty: Evidence from Bangladesh” (Under preparation)