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I’m an individual whose main concern is to increase the performance level of a team, improve their skills and motivate them to rise to a position where they can use their unique abilities. I constantly look for talents and develop them to be functional assets to meet their current as well as future needs.

With 15+ years of experience in the education sector, including the 10 years’ experience in Strategic Planning, Entrepreneurship, Stress Management, Risk Management & Human Resource Management, and presently working as Vice President Operations for MME Limited, aiming at holistic and value-based education located in Ahmedabad, India, I have the requisite qualifications, experience and skill and hence I fully understand the challenging role that the head of the institution should play today.

I am an Alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad & academically competent M.B.A, LL.M, PhD and well versed with IT skills, having a great passion for education, a special attraction to children and being a strong Advocate for the youth of today, it is my hope and conviction that I could positively contribute to enhance the quality of education imparted in the institution I work for.

                My strong points are positive thinking, hard working and my cheerful nature with high level of commitment, loyalty and sincerity. I think out of the box to create unique solutions to challenges. I have a vision for personal & professional growth. I can work efficiently both as a team leader as well as a team player and can give my best to the organization. I aim for synergy in team work & not just addition. I stay cool in crisis & respond rationally. I can juggle multiple task with ease. To excel in my profession by increasing the sphere of my knowledge, improving the quality of work through experience and dedication and contributing towards the development of organization. I m not afraid to climb the steps of failure to meet with success. I can let go of old frame of mind and embrace new ones. I push the limits to get more and better in the Out box.

Work Background

Ph.D. in Management with 16+ years of experience

  • Understanding in providing resourceful & innovative instructions that strives to help students change marginal grades.
  • Skilled in supporting colleagues and administration in facilitating intellectual growth by creating an atmosphere of mutual respect and open communication, and presently successfully handling management institute with strength of 670 Students.
  • Deft in laying down strategy planning for business expansion, acquisition, diversification, etc.
  • Planning & organizing Management Development Programs, Workshops, Seminars, Daily Activities of Department, Regular Meetings & follow-up.
  • Instrumental in handling institutional Accounts, P&IR, Labor Law, P.F. Matters & ESIC related Matter
  • Ensuring that staff appraisals are carried out annually & providing necessary reports to the Ministry of Education and community groups
  • Ensuring implementation of new technological ideas & tools in system to make work productive & qualitative.
  • Formulating business plans/ projections in line with Institutional vision & strategic direction and driving organizational growth through identification & penetration of new segments
Research Contributions
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  3. 3600 Performance Appraisal: “Demand & Need”;         Jayoti Darpan (University Magazine)
  4. Essential Finance for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners; Applied Journal of Management Sciences
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