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  1. Abdulsattar Al-Ali
  2. Senior Member IIE
  3. Ph.D
  4. Industrial engineering
  5. The University of Birmingham, United Kingdom
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More than twenty five years of working, teaching and research experience, and consulting at leading Universities and Manufacturing and Oil Companies in the Middle East. I have worked on many subjects and areas in Industrial Engineering Business Administration and Management including Production / Operations Management, Quantitative Analysis, Quality Management, Management Information Systems, Maintenance and Reliability, Business Process Reengineering, and Project Evaluation and Feasibility Studies. Moreover, I had appointed as a Deputy University President for Academic Affairs, Dean of Business Administration and Economics School for several times at different universities, Deputy Dean and Chairman of the Department for several times at different universities in Iraq, Jordan, and United Arab Emirates. Moreover, I am working as a Professional Consulting Management in Industrial Engineering, Information Systems, Management Operations, and Business Process Reengineering with Dr. Kanayalal Rania Inc., Brampton, Ontario, Canada,, Since September 2017

Work Background

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 2015- Present Associate Advisor at Dr. Kanayalal Rania Inc., Brampton, Ontario, Canada. 2012 – 2015, Professor, Department of Management, The World Islamic Science & Education University (WISE), Amman, Jordan. 2011 – 2012 Dean of Scientific Research &Graduate Studies, AlAin University of Science and Technology, AlAin - UAE. 2009-2011 Professor, Assistant President for Academic Affairs, AlAin University of Science and Technology, AlAin, UAE. 2007 – 2008 Chairman, Department of MIS, Amman Arab University for Graduate Studies, Amman – Jordan. 2005 – 2007 Dean, College of Administrative Sciences and Finance, Al-Isra University, Amman – Jordan. 2001 – 2005 Professor and Chairman of the Department of Business Administration, Amman Arab University for Graduate Studies, Amman – Jordan. 1993-2001 Professor, Business Administration Department, Yarmouk University, Irbid - Jordan. 1997-1999 Chairman, Business Administration Department, Yarmouk University, Irbid - Jordan. 1990-1993 Professor, and Deputy Chairman for Academic Affairs and Scientific Promotions, Department of Production Engineering and Minerals, University of Technology, Baghdad - Iraq. 1984-1990 Dean, College of Business and Economics, Basrah University, Basrah - Iraq. 1982-1984 Assistant Professor and Deputy Dean for Scientific Affairs, College of Administration and Economics, Basrah University, Basrah - Iraq. 1970-1982 Head of Material Department and later on, Chief Researcher, Iraq National Oil Co., Basrah - Iraq. 1967-1970 Head of Production Planning and Control, Electrical Fittings and Equipment Enterprise, Baghdad - Iraq. TEACHING SUBJECTS: Group One: Industrial Engineering and Operations Management’s subjects: 1. Operations Management, (undergraduate, M.Sc., MBA, and Ph.D). 2. Seminar in Human Resources Management (Ph.D) 3. Seminar in Knowledge Management & Technology (Ph.D) 4. Seminar in Total Quality Management (Ph.D) 5. Seminar in Project Management (Ph.D) 6. Supply Chain Management Systems (MBA) 7. Quality Management and Statistical Methods, (undergraduate, M.Sc., and MBA). 8. Managerial Economics (MBA) 9. Project Management, (undergraduate, M.Sc., and MBA). Abdulsattar M. Al-Ali, Ph.D May 21, 2019 3 10. Purchasing and Supply Chain Management, (MBA). 11. Entrepreneurship Strategies, (Ph.D). 12. Strategic Management, (undergraduate, M.Sc., MBA). 13. Seminar in Organization Strategy and Strategic Planning (Ph. D) 14. Human Factors Engineering, (undergraduate, and M.Sc.). 15. Feasibility and Project Management, (undergraduate, M.Sc., and MBA). 16. Production Planning and Control, (undergraduate). 17. Maintenance Management, (undergraduate). 18. Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems. (M.Sc., and Ph.D). 19. Management Information Systems, (undergraduate, M.Sc., and MBA). 20. Knowledge Management, (undergraduate). 21. Quantitative Business Analysis, (undergraduate, M.Sc., and MBA). SUPERVISION WORKS (more than 90 M.Sc., MBA, Ph.D. Thesis):  More than 50 Ph.D. works in the fields of: o Project Management o Operations Management and Supply Chain Management o Production and Lean Systems o Industrial Engineering, Total Quality Management o Strategic Management and Business Strategies o Information Technology and Management  M.Sc and MBA Works in the fields of: o Production / Operations Management o Total Quality Management, Quality Control o Inventory Control o Industrial Economics:  Transportation Problems  Maritime Transportation Economics of Tankers Fleet  Petro-Chemicals & related o Industrial Engineering o Value Analysis

Research Contributions

(a) Books: 1- Project Management : Modern Approach, (in process of publication, expected February 2020). Published Books: 1- Knowledge Management, 3rd. Ed., 2012. 2-Modern Management of Inventory and Purchasing: Supply Chain Management, 3 Rd. Ed., 2012. 3- Project Management, 2 nd. Ed.,2011. 4- Supply Chain Management 2009. 5- Application on Total Quality Management, 2 nd. Ed., 2010. 6-Production / Operations Activities Planning, 2007. Abdulsattar M. Al-Ali, Ph.D May 21, 2019 4 7- Entrepreneurship and Small Business Strategies, 3 rd.ed., 2012. 8-Production and Operations Management: Quantitative Approach, 2ed. Ed.2006. 9-Quality Control, 1990. 10-Industrial Project Evaluation, 1987. 11-Production Management: Theory and Practice (two volumes), 1986. 12-Incentive Schemes and Programs, and Productivity. 13-Oil and Gas Industry in the Arabic Gulf States, 1985. 14-Computer - Based Information Systems, Basrah, 1984. 15-Production Management, 8th. Ed.1984. (b) Papers: Published more than 60 articles. Selected Papers: 1- Al-Ali, ASM, and Abdullah, K.M., (2016), Develop Conceptual Framework for Lean Organization to Achieve Continuous Process Improvement: A Case Study in Al Hikma Pharmaceuticals Jordan Company, IJOR, Volume 18, Issue 4 .Ver. I (Apr. 2016). 2- Al-Ali, ASM, and Abdullah, K.M, (2015), Developing the Framework of Integrated Just-in-Time (JIT) Approach: A Conceptual Study, International Journal Of Core Engineering & Management (IJCEM), Volume 2, Issue 9, December 2015. 3- Al-Ali, ASM, (2014), Framework for Knowledge Management Strategy System: A Conceptual Study, International Journal of Business Quantitative Economics and Applied Management Research ( IJBEMR), Volume No. 1, Issue No. 1, June 2014. India. 4- Al-Ali, ASM, et al., (2014) Assessing Supply Chain Partnership Performance in Service Organization: Conceptual Model, ADRRI Journal (Africa Development & Resources Research Institute), Vol., 7, No. 7 (2), April 2014, PISSN: 2343-6662ISSN-L: 2343-6662. 5- Al-Ali, ASM, and K. Abddulah, (2014), Using Balanced Scorecard to Evaluation Lean Manufacturing System: Conceptual Study, International Conference on Learning and Administration in Higher Education May 21st 22nd, and 23rd 2014, Nashville, USA. 6- Al-Ali, ASM. (2014), Developing a Total Quality Management Framework for Healthcare Organizations, Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management, Grand Hyatt Bali, Indonesia, January 7-9. 7- Al-Ali, ASM., (2012), Developing the Balanced Scorecard Framework for Higher Education: Conceptual Study, Proceedings of the 2012 International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management, Istanbul, Turkey, July 3 – 6, 2012. 8- Al-Ali, A.S.M, and E. AlThmour, (2010) The Impact of the Transformational Leadership on Implementation Critical Thinking Technique to Improve the Employees’ Performance”, Jour. Dirasat, Volume 37, No. 2. Amman – Jordan. 9- Al-Ali, A.S.M and E. Khalifa, (2009) Using TRIZ Technique to Create Innovative Business Model, The International Conference on Systematic Innovation – TRIZ in Business & Management, May 2-4, Amman, Jordan. 10- Al-Ali, A.S.M, (2007) Development The Higher Education Through Quality Management, International Conference on Higher Education in Iraq, The University of Westminster, U.K, Erbil, December 11 – 13, 2007. Iraq. 11- Al-Ali, A.S.M, (2006)The Impact of MIS on Strategic Development of Business Organization, Jour. AlBasaar, The University of Petra, Vol. 8, No. 3, pp. 54 – 70. Abdulsattar M. Al-Ali, Ph.D May 21, 2019 5 12- Al-Ali, A.S.M, (2006) Planning Maintenance Works and the Modern Computer Systems, Jour. of Business Studies, No. 12, pp. 20 – 34. 13- Al-Ali, A.S.M, (2006) Computerized Modern Maintenance Management Systems: A Framework Development, Jour. Of Business Studies, No. 13 May. RESEARCH INTEREST: Information Systems and Operations Management: my interest is based on the fundamental premise that the major role of operations management and technology is to provide solutions to business problems and to provide opportunities for companies by increasing productivity and quality, and enabling business process re-engineering. CONSULTATIONS, selected as: 1- Work shop “Value Engineering”, Business Professional Education Center (BPEC), August 27-29, 2017, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. 1- Project "Improve the Higher Education Institutions in Jordan – Operations Area", UNIDP and Minstery of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Amman – Jordan, November 2008 – January 2009. 2- Quality Management in High Education, the University of AlSharjah, UAE, April 2006. 2- Supply Chain Management and Modern Purchasing, Arab Organization for Management Development, Dubai, UAE, 2005. 3- Advanced Maintenance Management Systems, EuroMaTech Consultation Center, Dubai , UAE , 2002. 4- Production and Total Quality Management, Center for Consultation and Services, Yarmouk University for Century Group of Investment, Irbid, Jordan. (Duration JanuaryFebruary 2000). 5- Value Engineering in Construction Projects, Ghantoot Center for Consulting, Training and Conferences for Construction Department, Abu Dhabi, UAE. (Duration SeptemberNovember 1999). ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: 1- Chairman of several Deans', Faculty and Department Councils, Boards and Committees, 2- Member of Board of Graduate Studies at several universities. 3- Scientific referrer, chairman of Examination Committees for graduate students, 5- Relationships with world-class publishing companies to review their publications and critique their scientific content, such as Pearson Education. 6- Membership of scientific committees for several scientific journals, 8- Participation and key speakers in a lot number of scientific conferences and symposiums, 9- Developing international programs and academical agreements with several universities. PROFESSIONAL AND SCIENTIFIC MEETINGS: Attendance a great number of Conferences and Symposiums in different countries. Abdulsattar M. Al-Ali, Ph.D May 21, 2019 6 EDUCATION  Ph.D. Industrial Engineering, The University of Birmingham, U.K.,  M.Phil. Production Engineering, The University of Birmingham, U.K.,  Higher Diploma / M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering/Industrial Management, Moscow, Russia. PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATION  Senior Member, Institute of Industrial Engineers, 3577 Parkway Lane, Suit #200, Norcross, Georgia 30092 – 2988, U.S.A.  Senior Member, Institute of Industrial Engineers, Toronto Chapter, Hudson’s Bay Co., 698 Lawrence Avenue West, Toronto, ON. M6A 3A5, Canada.  Member of Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, Malvern, PA, USA.