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  1. Susanta Kumar Mishra
  2. Professor & Dean, School of Management
  3. M.B.A.,LL.B.,Ph. D
  4. Business, management, and accounting
  5. Centurion University
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Journal Information:
Editor Type: Editorial Board
  1. Business Administration, Dept.of Business Administration, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar ,2010
  2. Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA). Utkal University, with specialization in Finance & Systems
  3. Bachelor’s Degree in Law (LLB),Utkal University with specialisation in Labour & Industrial Law and Company Law.
  4. Company Secretary (Executive) from the Institute of Company Secretaries of India, New Delhi.
  5. B.Com (Hons ) with Accountancy Honours from B.J.B College, Bhubaneswar, Utkal University.
  6. Certificate course in Mutual Funds conducted by the National Institute of Securities Market.
Work Background
  1. Currently working as Professor & Dean at School of Management, Centurion University of Technology & Management since September 2019.
  2. Worked as Professor &Principal at Koustuv Business School, Bhubaneswar from February 2012 to August 2019
  3. Worked as Professor (Finance& Strategy), at Affinity Business School, Bhubaneswar from Sept.2011 to January 2012.
  4. Worked as Professor (Finance& Strategy), at Krupajal Business School, Bhubaneswar from Sept.2009 to August 2011.
  5. Worked as Associate Professor (Finance), at Academy of Management Studies, Bhubaneswar from September 2007 to August 2009.
  6. Worked as Asst. Professor (Finance), at Academy of Management Studies, Bhubaneswar from April 2000 to August 2007.
  7. Worked as an executive at the corporate office, Bhubaneswar of the Indian Charge Chrome Ltd. (A company belonging to the IMFA Group of Companies) from February 1998 to February 2000 in the Depts. of Finance, Accounts, Share, Secretarial & Taxation.
  8. Worked as an executive at MKN Finvest from 1993 to 1998.
  9. Guest Faculty at Indian Institute of Planning and Management.
  • Guest Faculty at RCEM, Bhubaneswar
  • Guest Faculty at DDCE, Utkal University Bhubaneswar.
  • Guest Faculty, Bhubaneswar Stock Exchange Association Ltd.
Research Contributions

1.Performance Measurement of Gold Exchange Traded Funds in India, International Journal for Management Research,Vol.6,Issue 4,Jan.2017

2.An Overview of World Gold & Gold ETF Markets in 2016 and expectations for 2017, International Journal for Management Research,Vol.6,Issue 3,Oct.2016

3.A Data-Driven Approach for Option Pricing Algorithm, Proceedings Of The Second International Conference On Computer And Communication Technologies, 2005,  Advs in Intelligent Syst., Computing, Vol. 380 SPRINGER

4.Efficacy of A Machine Learning Approach To Pricing Options In The Indian Context, International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, Volume 10, Number 11  (2015) – SCOPUS

5.A Computational Approach To Forecasting Exchange Rates, Journal of Theoretical & Applied Information Technology 75.3 (2015) – SCOPUS

6.A Study on the Stationarity of Volatility Index in India, International Research Journal of Finance and Economics, ISSN 1450-2887 Issue 103 January, 2013

7.Lead-lag relationship between option returns and spot returns: A study of the Indian markets, International Research Journal of Finance and Economics, ISSN 1450-2887

8.An objective assessment of contemporary option pricing models, International Journal Of Research In Computer Application & Management, ISSN 2231-1009, Volume No: 1 (2011), Issue No. 4 (June)

9.Using the Vector Class Template of C++ to implement Binomial Option Pricing Algorithm, Siddhant- A Journal of Decision Making, 2010, Volume : 10, Issue : 1, ISSN : 2231-0649

10.“Performance Evaluation of the Index Funds in India” National seminar Issue, Srusti Academy of Management on  December 2007

  1. “Private Equity: A New Concept in Finance” in February 1-15,2008 issue of Pratisruti Plus ,a Fortnightly Newspaper published from Bhubaneswar

12.Presented a paper on “Trends in Corporate Disclosure: Indian Context” in 24th All Orissa Commerce Conference held on 17th & 18th January 2004.

13.Economic Value Added:A Control Mechanism in Management –IJMR Vol.I. Issue I.

13.Presented a paper on “Challenges before Financial Sector: Banking & Insurance” in the national seminar conducted by Rourkela Institute of Management Studies, Rourkela held on 14th November 2003.

Successfully Supervised Dr.Dipti Ranjan Mohanty  under SOA University for the award of  Ph.D. Degree on “Study of Effectiveness and Analytical Evaluation of Some Option Valuation Models” 

Successfully supervised CA Prithvi Ranjan Parhi,a Chartered Accountant,for the award of Ph.D.on “Performance Evaluation of Gold Exchange Traded Funds” under Centurion University of Technology and Management”

Supervising Mr. Binayak Mishra for his Ph.D. on “Performance Evaluation of Index Funds in India” under Centurion University of Technology and Management .

Currently guiding the following students under Centurion University for their Ph.D. Degree.

  1. Mr.Deepak Das
  2. Mr.Nihar Ranjan Swain

3.Mr.Arabinda Swamy