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  1. Namita Rajput
  2. Associate Professor
  3. Ph.D.
  4. Business, management, and accounting
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A highly qualified individual with 23 years of rich expertise in Teaching, Lecturing and Research & Development with specialization in Finance, International business, Marketing and other subjects in commerce. Proficiency in handling graduate, post graduate students and research scholars by using interactive discussions and “hands-on” approaches to help them learn and apply concepts in subjects. Distinction of planning, executing and monitoring various research projects. Been a part of various seminars, paper presentations, business reviews & have authored several books and papers in national and international journals. Displayed vast success in continuously acquiring new knowledge and applying innovative pedagogies and have always aimed to be an effective educator and have a global outlook which is the need of today.

Work Background

Sri Venkateshwara College LECTURER




SRI AUROBINDO COLLEGE(M) Associate Professor

SRCC Associate Professor

Research Contributions

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