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Mehtab Alam Ansari Father’s Name : (Late) Mohammad Umar Date of Birth : 2nd October, 1964 Mailing Address : C-28, Zakir Bagh, A.M.U., Aligarh-202002 Permanent Address : 118, Sheikh Sarai, Sitapur (U.P.) Cell No. : 0-9358219781 0-9956576879 E-mail : [email protected] [email protected]

Work Background

I. Working as Associate Professor in the Department of Library & Information Science, AMU-Aligarh II. Joined as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Library & Information Science, AMU-Aligarh in January, 2003. Achievements and Responsibilities  Supervised Seminar Library Automation Project.  Maintenance of the Alice for Windows Software and Seminar Library Database.  Up gradation of Membership database in Alice for Windows.  Had been in the departmental team that modified MLISc. and BLISc. Syllabi as per the “Curriculum Development Committee in Library & Information Science” of UGC.  Installation of Library Automation Software packages like LSEase (LibSys), Alice for Window, SOUL etc and their Up gradation.  In-charge, Seminar Library of the department  In-charge, Computer Lab of the department 3 II. Worked as Assistant Librarian in Jamia Millia Islamia (a Central University), New Delhi from 20-3-2002 to 27-01-2003. Achievements and Responsibilities  In-charge, data base services.  Coordinator, data base rectification project of English records.  Facilitated efforts of data base creation in Urdu, Arabic and Persian records.  Prepared proposal to achieve the objective of full automation in Dr. Zakir Husain Library, Jamia Millia Islamia,New Delhi. III. Worked as Manager-Information Systems in VTLS Software Pvt. Ltd. (a branch office of an American company), NOIDA from 06-4-2000 to 19-3- 2002. [Company profile can be seen through] Project undertaken  Imparted training to the library staff of Central University of Hyderabad; Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi; National Library, Kolkata in Acquisition, Cataloguing, Classification, Circulation, Serial Control, OPAC, Report modules of Virtua.  Gave useful feed back to Software development team regarding proper layouts of Urdu, Persian and Arabic keyboards for input of Urdu, Persian and Arabic books in Virtua at the head quarter of VTLS in Virginia.  Promoted Virtua library management software package through organizing demonstration and giving lectures in several institutes.  Participated in Conferences / Seminars / Workshops related to computerization and digitization of Library. IV. Worked as Information Manager Soft link Asia (a regional branch of an Australian company), New Delhi from11-8-1998 to 31-3-2000. [Company profile can be visited via] 4 Project undertaken  Imparted training to the library staff of many institutes on modules such as Inquiry, Management, Circulation, Acquisition, Periodicals, Stocktake, System modules of Alice for Windows library management software package.  Promoted Alice for Windows library management software package. through demonstration of the product in many institutes/organizations.  Participated in Conferences/Seminars/Workshops related to Information Technology (IT) applications in libraries. V. Worked as Library Science Specialist in LibSys Corporation from 13-8- 1996 to 18-10-1997. Job Profile  Organized LibSys user training programmes in several institutes.  Participated in conferences for demonstration of Libsys Library Automation Software Package.

Research Contributions

A. Books Authored/Edited/Contributed • Library Information Systems and E-journal Archiving, Delhi, Authors Press, 2005 (Co- Editor). • NET-Studies in Library and Information Science, Delhi, Aakar Books, 2005, (Joint Author). • Iraq and the Arab World, New Delhi, Rajat Publication, 2002. B. Chapters in National / International Books • Modernization of a Traditional Library in, Library and Information Science in Developing countries: Contemporary issues. Eds. Tella and A.O. Issa, USA: IGI, 2012. PP 32-44. 5 • Adoption of internet by Faculty members of Aligarh Muslim University: A Comparison of Life Sciences and Agricultural Sciences in Electronic Age Librarianship in Dillip K Swain,Ed. New Delhi: Ane Books,2012.pp.162- 174. • Utilization of Internet Services by Academicians in Aligarh Muslim University in Modern Technology in Libraries, Eds. Mohd. Rehan and Sangeeta Dharade, Bhopal:Parihar,2012.pp.71-83. • Difficult Road Ahead in Iraq: Post War Challenges and Remedies in West Asia and the region: Defining India’s Role. Ed. Rajendra M. Abhyankar, New Delhi: Academic Foundation, 2008. • Application of Audio-Video Communication System for Modern Language Laboratory and Virtual Classroom in Libraries in the Challenging Dimensions of Digital Technology Ed. Ramesh Babu, Delhi: BR Pub.Corporation, 2013. pp.1097-1105 C. Journals I. Articles in Library & Information Science • ICT Literacy among Library Professionals in Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences in Aligarh Muslim University. KIIT Journal of Library and Information Management, 1(1), January - June, 2014. [Corresponding author] {A refereed journal}. • Internet Usage among Indian Scientists. Indian Journal of Library and Information Science, 7(2), May-August, 2013. {A refereed journal}. • Institutional Digital Repositories: Indian Scenario. IASLIC Bulletin, 58(1), March, 2013.{ A Peer-Reviewed Journal}. • Use of online and printed journals by research scholars of faculty of Life Science and Agricultural Science, AMU: a comparative study. Online International Interdisciplinary Research Journal,III(V),Sept.-October,2013. {Peer reviewed with Journal Impact Factor 2.217}. 6 • Reading habits among the Students of Women’s College in Aligarh: A Study. Journal of Library and Information Science, 37(1), June,2012. {A refereed journal published from Department of Library & Information Science, Delhi University}. • Application of ALICE for Windows in Al-Barkat Institute, Aligarh. Journal of the Young Librarians Association 5, 2012. • Application of Library Management Software in Aligarh Muslim University. Computers in Libraries, 26(10), November-December, 2008, Information Today, Inc. USA. • Online Public Access Catalogue: A Journey to Alice for Windows, Libsys, and Virtua. DESIDOC Bulletin of Information Technology,28 (6) November, 2008 [Corresponding author] {A Peer-Reviewed journal being published from Defence Scientific Documentation Centre (DESIDOC), New Delhi}. • Internet Use by students of Delhi University, Information Studies, 14(3) 2008. [Corresponding Author] • Information Technology awareness among Dentists: A case study of Dr. Ziauddin Ahmad Dental College, Aligarh, Indian Journal of Information Science and Services.1(2), January-June 2008. [Corresponding Author]{A refereed journal}. • Research output on ‘Meningitis’: a Bibliometric Study. Indian Journal of Library and Information Science, 2(1), January-April 2008. [Corresponding Author] {A refereed journal}. • Benchmarks for Library Automation Software in Digital Age. Pearl, 2( 1), January-March 2008. [Co-authored]. • Awareness and use of OPACs in five Delhi Libraries, The Electronic Library, 26(.1), 2008. [Co-authored]{An ISI Ranked Journal published by Emeralds}. 7 • Parkinson’s disease: A Bibliographic Profile, Trends in Information Management, 3 (1), January-June 2007. [Co-authored]. • Doctoral Dissertations submitted in the Department of Statistics and Operations Research (1985-2005), Singapore Journal of Library & Information Management, 36, 2007.{An International Journal} • Library automation software packages in India: A study of the cataloguing modules of Alice for Windows, LibSys and Virtua. Annals of Library and Information Studies, 54(3), September, 2007, (A Refereed journal published from NISCAIR, New Delhi). [Co-authored] • Alzheimer’s Disease: A Bibliometric Study. Trends in Information Management. 2 (2), July-December, 2006, [Co-authored] • From Card Catalogue to Web OPACs. DESIDOC Bulletin of Information Technology. 26(2), 2006 (A Peer-Reviewed journal being published from DESIDOC, New Delhi) [Corresponding Author]. • Information Revolution: An Indian Scenario. Herald of Library Science.45(.1-2), Jan-April, 2006 • Digital Libraries: Needs, Technology and Benefits. ILA Bulletin. XXXIX (1), January-March, 2003. (A quarterly publication of Indian Library Association, New Delhi). II. Articles in Political Science • Emerging Social Order in Iraq. Islam and the Modern Age, XXIX (3), August, 1998. (Published quarterly from Zakir Husain Institute of Islamic Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi). • Kurdish Question in Iraq. Indian Journal of Politics, XXXII (3-4), JulyDecember, 1998. (A quarterly journal published from the Department of Political Science, AMU-Aligarh). • US-Saudi Relations. Journal of West Asian Studies, 16, 2002. (An Annual Journal published by the Centre of West Asia Studies, AMU-Aligarh). 8 • Features of Neopatriarchy in Iraqi Society. The Resurging India: Journal of Politics and Development, II (2), July-December, 2005. (A Bi-annual journal of the Centre for Nehru Studies, Department of Political Science, AMU-Aligarh). • Response of the OIC to Nuclear Tests by India and Pakistan. Strategic Bulletin, III (I), July 1998. (Monthly journal published on behalf of South Asian Centre for Strategic Studies, New Delhi). • Role of the Gulf Countries in Iraqi Crisis. Journal of Peace Studies, 5(3), May-June, 1998. (Bi-monthly journal published by the Centre for Peace Studies, New Delhi). D. Magazines  ‘Is Saddam behind the new movement?’ Mainstream, Vol. XLI, No. 43, October 11, 2003.  ‘Secularism versus Islam in Turkey’, Mainstream, Vol. XXXVI, No. 45, October 31, 1998.  ‘Indo-Iraqi Relations’, Politics India, Vol. III, No.3, September,1998.  ‘Indo-Iranian Relations’, Third World Impact, Vol. IX, No.103, July 1998. E. Newspapers I. ENGLISH ‘The Siege Within: America Benefits from a Fragmented Iraq’, The Times of India, December 13, 2004. ‘Jobs galore for a knowledge manager’, Education Times (The Times of India), July 2, 2007, re-appeared on July 9, 2007 ‘Bright future ahead for IT savvy Librarians’, Employment News, Vol. XXX, No.46, 11-17 February, 2006. ‘Rare manuscripts under threat’, Education Times (The Times of India), November 21, 2005. ‘Library solutions’, Horizons (The Hindustan Times), October 12, 2005. 9 ‘Career in Information Science’, Employment News, Vol. XXX, No.25, 17- 23, September, 2005. ‘Maulana Abul Kalam Azad: A Champion of Indian National Movement’, Employment News, Vol. XXVIII, No.47, 21-27, February, 2004. ‘Digital Libraries’, Employment News, Vol. XXVIII, No.42, 17-23, January, 2004. ‘Digital Library’, Employment News, Vol. XXVI, No.41, 12-18, January, 2002. II. URDU  Kutubkhane aur Ittalati technology [Libraries and Information technology], Urdu Dunya, New Delhi: NCPUL (National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language), October, 2001.  Ittalti technology [Information Technology], Umang, Delhi: Urdu Academy, January, 2002.  Kutubkhana Iskandriya: Roshan Mazi,Darakhshan Mustaqbil, Tahzibul Akhlaq, AMU, September, 2005. III.Membership of Professional Organization • Life Member,ILA • Life Member,IASLIC WORKSHOPS/SEMINARS/CONFERENCES/ORIENTATION/REFR ESHER PROGRAMMES Participated in UGC sponsored Subject Refresher Course (01-5-2012 to 19-5-2012). Participated in UGC sponsored Subject Refresher Course in Environmental Studies (20-7-2010). 10 Attended an International workshop held on 7th-11th March 2005 in Documentation & Research Training Centre, Bangalore on the theme “Building Digital Libraries using DSpace”. Participated and presented a paper “Difficult Road Ahead: Post-War Challenges and Remedies” in National Conference on West Asia organized by Centre for West Asian Studies Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, held on August 21-22, 2006. Participated and presented a paper “Digital Libraries: an Indian Scenario” in National Seminar on Digital Library Initiatives: Challenges And Opportunities held on November, 6-7,2006 in Department of Library & Information Science, University of Kashmir. Participated in orientation programme from 1-2-2006 to 2-3-2006 in UGC Academic Staff College, A.M.U., Aligarh.