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  1. T. Jeevan Kumar
  2. Assistant Professor of English, Government College (UG & PG), Ananthapuramu
  3. Ph.D, MA, BA
  4. Literature
  5. Government College (UG & PG), Ananthapuramu
  6. [email protected]
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Dr. T. Jeevan Kumar works as an Assistant Professor of English in a Government College (UG & PG), affiliated to Sri Krishnadevaraya University, Ananthapuramu, Andhra Pradesh, India. He won the Smt. Movva Venkata Lakshmi Rama Sarma Memorial Gold Medal and also the Smt. Vasagiri Kamalamma Memorial Prize for securing first rank in post-graduation. He obtained his Doctoral degree from Sri Krishnadevaraya University, Ananthapuramu. He has ten years of teaching experience in the institutions of higher learning. He presented more than fifty papers in national as well as international seminars on English Literature, English Language Teaching, Communicative English, and on Teacher Development. His areas of interest include Modern British Drama, Commonwealth Literature, Literary Criticism, Indian English Literature, and Communicative English. He has published nearly fifty research articles in several anthologies, refereed and reputed Journals such as International Journal of English and Literature, New Academia, The Challenge, Re-Markings, International Journal of the Frontiers of English, ELK Asia Pacific Journal of Social Science, Thematics, The Literary Criterion, ICFAI University Journal of English Studies, The IUP Journal of American Literature, MAJELL, Vishwabharati, and Triveni etc. His books on Harold Pinter (Lambert Publishing House, Germany) and Post-Modern Trends in Indian English Fiction (Research India Press, New Delhi) are accepted for publication and are in publication now.

Work Background

Ten Years of Experience in teaching English Language and Literature in the institutions of higher learning

Research Contributions

Attended and presented papers in more than fifty National and International Seminars and published around forty papers in National and International Refereed Journals

a) International Journals


S. No.

Title of the Article

Name of the Journal, ISSN, Volume,
Month, Year, Page Nos.


Adrienne Rich’s The Snapshots of a Daughter-in-Law: A Study

International Journal         of English      and

Literature (ISSN 2141-2626), Vol.4 (6),

_  August 2013: 254-258. (Lagos, Nigeria)


b) Online Journals



Ahmed Ali: A Progressive Writer

The English Literature Journal, Aizeon Publishers, Vol.1, No.2, March 2014: 56-




The     Predicament   of Poor:       A

Reading   of   Mahasweta  Devi’s

International Journal of the Frontiers of English Literature and the Patterns of ELT (ISSN 2320-2505), Vol.1, Issue 2, July,

 ___________________________________________ 2013.




Black Feminist Consciousness: Gloria Naylor’s The Women of Brewster Place

The Criterion: An International Journal in English (ISSN 0976-8165), Vol.4, Issue II, April 2013.


Herta Muller: The Voice of the Dispossessed

Impressions, A Referred Bi-annual Journal (ISSN 0974-892X), Vol. V, Issue 1, January


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c) International Refereed/Peer-Reviewed Journals:



Theme of Identity in the Novels of Patrick Modiano

Accepted      for   Publication    -   Research

Scholar: An        International e-Journal of
Literary Explorations
(ISSN 2320-2101), June 2015.


The Best Method to Teach English Language1.

ELK Asia Pacific Journals, Special Issue,

Translation,    Language    &     Literature
(NCTLL) 2015. ISBN 978-81-930411-1- 6. Impact Factor – 1.112


Novels of Rabindranath Tagore – A Critical Study

Scholar Critic: An International Journal of Language, Literature and Culture Studies,

(ISSN     2348-6937),    Vol.1,     Issue     3,
December 2014.


Feminist Perspective in Mahesh Dattani’s Tara

Research     Scholar: An       International e‑

Journal of Literary Explorations (ISSN 2320-2101), Vol.II, Issue III, August 2014: 359-367.


Wole Soyinka’s Kongi’s Harvest: A Political Satire

Research     Scholar: An       International e‑

Journal of Literary Explorations (ISSN 2320-2101), Vol.I, Issue III, August 2013: 1-8.


Journey Towards Self-Discovery: A Study of Margaret Laurence’s The Diviners

The Challenge: An International Journal of Art, Culture, Language & Literature (ISSN 2278-9499), Vol.22, No.2, July-Dec., 2013: 17-25.


Naipaul’s The Masque of Africa: A Study

Re-Markings,      a   biannual     International

Journal of English Letters (ISSN 0972- 611X), Vol.12, No.1, March 2013: 32-38.


The Poetry of Earle Birney: A Study

The IUP Journal of American Literature (ISSN 0974-6579), Vol.5, Issue 1, February 2012: 53-60.


The Role of Computer in Teacher Education

Thematics Journal of English Language Teaching: A Peer-Reviewed International Journal of English Studies (ISSN 2231- 4873), Vol.1, Issue 3, September 2011: 28- 32.


Expressionism        in         O’Neill’s

Mourning Becomes Electra

The IUP Journal of American Literature (ISSN 0974-6579), Vol.IV, No.2, May 2011: 63-73.





Syed   Ameeruddin’s    Poetry:    A


MAJELL: An International Peer-reviewed

Bi-annual   Journal     (ISSN    0974-9268),
Vol.3, No.1, March 2011: 37-45.


Fight Against      Colonialism   and

Neo-Colonialism:   Ngugi’s    Weep
Not, Child

Thematics: A Peer-Reviewed International Research Journal of English Studies (ISSN 0975-8313), Vol.2, January 2011: 116- 120.


Orhan Pamuk, an icon of Istanbul

ICFAI University Journal of English Studies

(ISSN      0973-3728),       Vol.III,       No.3,
September, 2008: 74-82.


d) National Refereed Journals:



ICT – A New Wave in Teaching English Literature

ELT@I Tirupati Chapter Journal of English Language and Literature: A Peer-Reviewed Refereed Biannual Journal (ISSN 2349- 2295), Vol.2, Issue 1, April 2015.


Soft Skills – The Need of the Hour

ELT@I Tirupati Chapter Journal of English Language and Literature: A Peer-Reviewed Refereed Biannual Journal (ISSN 2349- 2295), Vol.1, Issue 1, April 2014.


Teaching Speaking: From Fluency to Accuracy

The Journal of English Language Teaching:

A   Peer-Reviewed Journal     (ISSN             0973-
5208), Vol.LV, Number 6, Nov-Dec., 2013: 16-21.


Manohar     Malgonkar,    a      Stark


Triveni:       India’s                   Literary and                   Cultural

Quarterly (ISSN 0041-3135), Vol.82, No.2, April-June 2013: 39-42.


Quicksand-like Characteristics of Memory: A Study of Harold Pinter’s A Kind of Alaska

Vishwabharati:        A  Multi-Disciplinary

National Refereed Research Journal (ISSN 0975-9883), Vol.I, Issue 2, June 2010: 66- 71.


An Exploration of Feminine Psyche in the Doris Lessing Canon

Journal of Literatures in English (0976- 8262), Vol.3, Jan-June 2010.


Humanism in Tagore’s Gitanjali

Triveni (ISSN 0041-3135), Vol.78, April-June, No.2, 2009: 39-41.


English as a Global Language

Triveni (ISSN 0041-3135), Vol.76, Jan.- Mar., No.1, 2007: 32-34.


An Entry into Oppression’s Closed
Rooms: A Study of Harold Pinter’s

_________________________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________

The Literary Criterion, Vol. XLI, Nos.3 & 4, 2006: 97-105.