Impact Factor

Impact Factor Scores
ELK Asia Pacific Journals reveals its success story to a trending measure of quality!

In the advent of quantifying a journal's quality by its impact factor, we at ELK Asia Pacific journals also ran into the race of weighing our journals' quality standards. With our indexing in international directories, applying for a score for each journal was a necessity. This brought us closer to Journals Directory, one of the leading international journal databases which performs a quantitative survey to assign an impact factor score.

Their assessments and evaluations with complex software and technology were more than enough to suffice our doubt. At the onset, the inclusion criteria itself summarized on the following factors that a journal must act in accordance with:
  • How the journal is seeking to add value to the academia
  • Does the journal offer full-text access to its readers
  • How far does the journal reaches in demographic terms
  • Which review process does the journal follows
  • What is the journal’s acceptance rate
  • For eJournals, how are the articles archived
  • Does the journal allows self-archiving of articles
  • Whether the Copyright retains with the author

Upon our journal’s inclusion in the directory, the detailed 4-step evaluation commenced, which consumed more than a month’s time. After few of such long-lasting assessments, we finally achieved success in getting our rewarding scores for our open access international journals.

Glance below to have insight to our impact factor scores for few of our reputed publications: