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ELK's International Journal of Leadership Studies (EAPJLIM)
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ELK's International Journal of Leadership Studies

ELK's International Journal of Leadership Studies (EAPJLIM)

6 Volumes, 11 Issues, 27 Articles available from 2014 to 2023.

ELK Asia Pacific Journal of Leadership and Innovation Management is an Open Access double-blind peer-reviewed journal that aims to address the current topics in the field of leadership from a global perspective. This Google Scholar indexed International Leadership Journal welcomes research papers and articles based on leadership discussions, policies and procedures and their implications for learning, policy making and outcomes across disciplines. The topics of leadership and a variety of disciplines to be included in International Leadership Journal, not being restricted to, are

  • Leadership policies
  • Leadership development
  • Role and attributes of a leader
  • Purpose and outcomes of leadership
  • Analytical and theoretical facet of leadership
  • Styles and forms of leadership
  • Contextual aspect of leadership
  • Expanded and diverse views of leadership 

Another facet to which the journal of leadership studies focuses on is the Innovation Management. This multi-disciplinary approach covers a broad range of methodological settings. Along with broad aspects such as key challenges of managing innovation, this international journal of leadership studies also entails aspects like technology, R&D and new product development. This gives it the title International Journal of Innovation Management. Being inclusive and practical, it encourages active interaction between managers and research academicians.

It is based on a problem-solving approach while endeavouring to integrate technological, organisational and market innovation. Let your innovative research ideas disperse throughout the globe with this international journal of innovation management. 

Also, if you represent a university or an institute, you can ask for subscription of this international leadership journal through our journal subscription form. For scholars focusing their research on innovation and technological advancements, they too are welcome to publish their manuscript in our international journal of innovation management.

The primary aim and focus of this international leadership journal is to link the research and practice of innovation management. Contributions on the underlined are also welcome:

  • Innovation networks and systems
  • Impact on policy makers
  • Innovation Process
  • Role of leaders and entrepreneurs on managing innovation
  • Emerging concepts in innovation management and processes
  • Cross-functional integration
  • Business Anthropology
  • Creativity
  • Design Thinking
  • Market Research and strategies 


ELK's International Journal of Leadership Studies

Editorial Board
Prof. S. Saravanan Sugadevan Assitant Professor- Kristu Jayanti College,BangalorePhD FDP Licentiate M.Phil [Marketing] MBA [Marketing, Human resource management] DIM (Diploma in insurance and Risk management) B.sc [Physics] View Public Profile
Prof. D.Ravindran Assistant Professor (MBA) Kristu Jayanti SchoolPhD View Public Profile
Dr. DR I C GUPTA I UGC (GOVERNMENT OF INDIA)Ph.D.(Services Marketing), MBA,(Marketing), M.A.(Economics), M.A.(English Literature), A.T.M. (Advanced Tourism Management-(IITTM-WTO Spain) View Public Profile
Prof. Prof (Dr) Sanjay Rout Country HeadPhD View Public Profile

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